Meeting the Growing Demand for Africa Oil and Gas

The West African market offers significant opportunities for oil and gas products, driven by its burgeoning population and expanding economies. As urbanisation and industrialisation escalate, the demand for energy resources intensifies, supporting economic development in sectors like transportation, manufacturing, and power generation. Portica Oil & Gas Resources (Portica OGR) strategically positions itself to meet this demand by providing a diverse range of refined petroleum products and gas across the region, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted supply to fuel the region’s growth.

Portica Oil & Gas Resources strategically positions itself to meet this demand by providing a diverse range of refined petroleum products and gas across the region, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted supply to fuel the region’s growth.

Progressive Partnerships

Our business model strategically leverages our presence and key relationships in Ghana, Nigeria, and the Middle East to access the expansive West African market for the supply and distribution of oil and gas products.

Diversified Offering

With a combined population surpassing 425 million people and economies on the rise, West Africa demonstrates a significant demand for energy resources. POG is committed to addressing this demand by creating efficient and dependable supply chains for refined petroleum and gas products.

Impact Investing

Our dedication to strategic investments, partnerships, corporate governance, and social responsibility positions us as leaders in shaping the future of African oil and gas, emerging as pioneers in the energy transition.

Get to know us

Portica Oil and Gas Resources Limited (Portica OGR) and Portica Energy Limited (PE) are subsidiaries of B. Moses Asset Management Pty Limited, Australia, specialising in oil and gas trading and investment services in Ghana and Nigeria. Portica OGR focuses on commodities trading and supply of refined and unrefiend oil and gas products within the West African region.

Portica Oil and Gas Resources (Portica OGR) stands out by not only acknowledging the challenges and opportunities within Africa’s evolving oil and gas sector but actively adopting innovative commercial strategies to address them. Our commitment to strategic thinking and adaptability positions us as a forward-thinking player in the industry.

Africa’s oil and gas sector faces increasing pressure, necessitating strategic resolutions for sustainable growth.

Areas of focus:

Downstream Products

Crude Oil, PMS, AGO, EN 590, D6, LNG, LPG, Jet A1/JP54, Low Pour Fuel Oil, Unleaded and Premium Petroleum

Financial Capacity/ Funding

All our oil & gas transactions are financed by the B. Moses EM3 Commodities Fund

Working with Portica

Our goal is to lead as the primary supplier and distributor of oil and gas products in West Africa

Portica’s strategic focus is on West Africa, specifically Ghana and Nigeria. As key trade and finance hubs, Ghana and Nigeria are major economic centres and provide the ideal landscape for our mission. Portica Oil & Gas Resources (Portica OGR) aspires to make Ghana the central commodities trading hub for oil and gas investments and trading activities across Africa.

At Portica Oil & Gas Resources, we prioritise strict adherence to the NPA and NNPC compliance regulations and forging strategic partnerships with global industry leaders.

Embracing this approach is vital for attaining dominance and promoting regional growth within the oil and gas sector. This commitment aligns with our overarching goal of ensuring sustainable success and development in the industry.

As Africa’s oil and gas sector faces growing challenges, Portica Oil & Gas Resources (Portica OGR) aims to become a leading player in the West African oil and gas trading market. Our strategy focuses on building distribution channels and infrastructure to ensure self-reliance and competitiveness across the region, ultimately enhancing the bankability of oil and gas projects and fostering regional economic wealth.

This strategic approach involves commercial adeptness through strategic alliances, capital access, and making the region appealing to global industry players, aiming to navigate complexities and promote sustainable economic growth.

West Africa stands out as one of the world’s fastest-growing regions, both demographically and economically. With a population exceeding 425 million, the region is projected to contribute approximately 15% to global population growth in the next two decades. West Africa experienced a GDP growth of 4.3% in 2021, and this positive trend was anticipated to stabilise above 4% in 2022 and 2023.


Ghana plays a pivotal role in the company’s strategic vision due to its strategic geographical position and status as an English-speaking nation within the region. Many landlocked economies depend on Ghana for trade, making it an ideal gateway to regional oil and gas commodities trade and access to global markets.


This strategic initiative positions Portica to facilitate large-scale implementation of regulations in a complex environment, fostering sustainable economic growth. It aims to create reliable economic and financial structures to safeguard the flow of capital while contributing to human capital development and political stability in the region. A successful strategic alliance with a major supplier has the potential to yield exponential economic benefits through capital expenditure and operational enhancements.

B. Moses Asset Management Pty Ltd (ACN 648 254 755) is a diversified asset management firm offering comprehensive financial services to wholesale and institutional clients. Our suite of services includes investment and portfolio management, finance, private debt, private equity, commodities, infrastructure, real estate, advisory, risk management, and wealth management.

As part of our commodities trading initiatives, B. Moses Asset Management established the B. Moses Emerging Market III Commodities Fund (EM3 Commodities Fund) to execute Portica Oil & Gas Resources Limited’s (Portica OGR’s) oil and gas trading activities.

Portica Oil & Gas Resources Limited (BDC Licence Number NPA. 300 16 023/POGRL/2024 P) is licensed to import crude oil, procure, store, distribute, and sell petroleum products wholesale to Oil/LPG Marketing Companies and export petroleum products to neighboring countries under customs seal.


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